The suburban service

The suburban service run by AVM/Actv includes a road transport network that extends from the territorial boundaries of Dese, Marocco, Trivignano, Chirignago and Malcontenta up to the provinces of Padua, Treviso and Rovigo, where there are interchanges with the most important local transport companies.
The suburban service fares are divided into sections from 1 to 10 which are outlined in the table attached here. For information on routes and related fares, please contact the DIME call center on (+39) 041 041

Table of fares and passes for suburban services


Notes on suburban passes:
Monthly passes are valid from the 1st of the month up until midnight on the last day of the same month.  Monthly passes can be purchased up to the 19th of the month, after which only tickets for the following month can be purchased.
•    All types of passes can also be purchased with a multi-month validity.
•    “Student” passes are intended for students of any order and degree up to their 26th birthday, who are based within the Actv line network.

•    FREE FOR CHILDREN under the age of 6.

•    Suburban route 80E Chioggia-Venice is managed by Arriva Veneto s.r.l. See the section on "OTHER CARRIERS"