Page about online payment of the penalties electronically issued for irregular Actv transport tickets.

Payment can be done the first working day following the date of the verbal issue (if on Friday, Saturday and holidays it will be possible from the first working day available).

All the fines issued by paper form (therefore excpet those ones electronically issued) must be paid as indicated here

NB: fines issued for ‘07 Forgotten seasonal ticket Venezia Unica’ must be paid by an authorized selling point.

Find the closest point of sale

Please read the information in the ‘Contacts’ area of the website AVM/Actv to dispute a sanction.

Any problem about online payment system cannot be charged to AVM/Actv regarding the time to pay the minimum or reduced fare.




Any requests for the annulment of administrative fines must be submitted no later than 30 days from the dispute / notification of infringement, to:

- Comune di Venezia - Ufficio Contenzioso – Ca’ Farsetti - S.Marco, 4136 - 30124 Venezia, (for Mestre Urban, Lido and Navigation services)
- Provincia di Venezia – Ca’ Corner – San Marco, 2662 – 30124 Venezia, (for Extra-urban services)
- Comune di Chioggia – Corso del Popolo, 1193 - 30015 Chioggia – Venezia, (for Chioggia urban services)

NOTICE: The payment of a fine does not permit the payee to dispute the same.

For detailed information on administrative sanctions click here