Priority boarding to waterborne services

On the waterbus stops Piazzale Roma F, Ferrovia B, Rialto C”, Lido S. Maria Elisabetta A and B, Murano Faro and Burano the entranceways with turnstiles are distinguished as follows:

  • Black entranceways, labelled “ALL PASSENGERS”, for all customers.
  • Red entranceways, labelled “PRIORITY VENEZIA UNICA”, reserved for those who are entitled to board in advance of other customers.

USE the entranceways known as “Priority Venezia Unica” if you are

  • a customer with a Venezia Unica card, resident in the Municipality of Venice;
  • a commuter customer with a Venezia Unica card, whose main place of work or study is in the city centre of Venice or on the islands of the Venetian Lagoon;
  • a customer belonging to the needy categories of the clientele who holds a discount card issued by the Metropolitan City of Venice (pursuant to Art. 1 of the Veneto Regional Law no. 19/1996);
  • a customer with reduced mobility who uses a wheelchair.