1.Field of application

These Terms and Conditions of Use govern the relationship between the User and Azienda Veneziana per la Mobilità (hereafter referred to as AVM) regarding the purchase of local public transport tickets, the payment for the service “Parcheggia Venezia”  (for the parking on the blue stripes, with the exception of Piazzale Roma, San Giuliano and Interspar areas), and the ticket to park in the intermodal exchanger parkings of the Municipality of Venice (both referred as “pay and display parking”) through the use of AVM Venezia official APP.

Terms, conditions and regulations governing operations and methods of access and use of public transport and pay and display parking, obligations and responsibilities of the company and Customers can be found in General Transport Conditions published on the website www.avmspa.it  and www.actv.it.

The APP is available for iOS and Android. When purchasing tickets for public transport Actv, it is recommended the installation only on smartphone. Devices have to be not longer than 14 cm and not wider than 9 cm (even 6 inches tablet are excluded).

2. Meaning of terms and conditions of use

When the User registers and downloads the APP, compatible with his/her smartphone's operating system, he (the user) completely accepts, and is subject to all the associated store's terms and conditions of use, without exception. AVM reserves the right to unilaterally modify in any moment, these present terms and conditions of use. Each time the User accesses the APP, it is his responsibility to verify any possible modifications; the APP's use implies total acceptance of the terms and conditions.

3. Instructions for use

The purchase of a travel ticket or the payment for the service “Parcheggia Venezia” (parking on the “blue stripes”) and for the intermodal exchanger parking of the Municipality of Venice is at the User's exclusive risk. For this purpose the User must protect his mobile device from unauthorized use. In order to minimize possible damages, the User undertakes to immediately advise AVM regarding any suspect of unauthorized use of the smartphone, his account or the APP.

When using the APP for the first time to purchase Actv public transport tickets or to pay the service “Parcheggia Venezia” (parking on the blue stripes) or for the intermodal exchanger parking of the Municipality of Venice , the User must follow the registration instructions and insert the information required by the APP. For any further purchases, the User need only log in by inserting his e-mail address and password. Once registered, the User is the only person responsible for all activities conducted through his personal account. AVM declines any responsibility relating to errors committed by the User during the registration.

For correct service, when the User downloads the APP onto his smartphone, he must give AVM his personal information, e-mail address and the smartphone device phone number. It is the User's responsibility to verify the correct registration of his personal information.

The User is the only person responsible for the secrecy of his password: should the User suspect of such secrecy being violated, he must immediately modify his password.

4. Method of payment

Payment can be made, after registration, by credit card or e-Purse.

It is included prepaid credit card adhering to the Visa/Mastercard circuit. The User's credit card information must be inserted after registration or when buying.

E-Purse is a dematerialized payment instrument (virtual wallet) through which it is possible to create a credit with recharges to pay the used services with a consequent scale-withdrawal of money. Once transaction is concluded, an invoice will be sended to the e-mail address of the User. User have to recharge the credit available in his e-Purse.

As mobile payment is developing in a rapid way, AVM reserves the right to change these terms and conditions following  possible changes to service, new technologies, new mobile devices introduction, technical-administrative procedures, new informatics security practices.

5. Complaints and responsibility

Any voluntary or involuntary action taken by the User causing the loss of purchased tickets not used or the residual credit of the e-Purse is in charge of the User, such as App uninstall, malfunction and formatting of the device, loss of it. It is the User's responsibility to guarantee the good functioning of his mobile phone device for the whole length of his journey

AVM will only refund in the case of a wrong debit determined as an error in the system of payment.

6. Right of Withdrawal

The User can uninstall the APP in any moment and without giving any notice and can also ask for the annulation of the account by sending an e-mail to the assistance service of the App.

7. Norms on Privacy

When the User installs the App, he declares and accepts AVM to access, keep and process his personal information and any contents associated with the APP's use, if required by law or if such activities are necessary for the APP's use, i.e. services provided through the APP, in respect of Legislative Decree 196/2003 “Regulations regarding management of personal information”.

The User acknowledges and accepts the use of the APP as a means of electronically transmitting information in communication networks.

More details about how AVM manages personal information is available from site.

Ownership information: Azienda Veneziana della Mobilità spa, Isola Nova del Tronchetto 33, Venice.

8. Intellectual Property

By downloading the APP, the User accepts and acknowledges that it is protected by legislation regarding intellectual property, and other applicable regulations, including, but not limited to, copyrights. The User accepts to use such information covered by monopoly and material exclusively for the use of the service offered, while respecting regulations in the present Terms and Conditions of Use. No part of the APP nor products offered, can be reproduced in any form, nor with any means, excepting that permitted in the present conditions. The User accepts not to modify, rent, hire, lend, sell, distribute, or create anything based on this present APP, in any way, and may not exploit the APP or the products purchased in an unauthorized way.

All copyrights related to the APP are AVM property and/or its licensees. The use of any APP component, except for use permitted under these Terms and Conditions, is strictly prohibited; it violates third party intellectual property rights and may subject the User to civil and penal fines, including possible monetary damage, for violation of copyrights.

AVM, the AVM logo and other AVM Group trademarks/brands, graphic symbols and logos used in connection with the APP represent brands or registered brands of the AVM group. The User has no right or authorization to use, or make reference to any brand mentioned.