Users of the local public transport services are required to buy a valid ticket, stamp it and validate it at the beginning of each segment of the trip, in compliance with such requirements as provided for by the manager, to keep it throughout the duration of the ride and show it upon request of booking officers. In the case of urban public transport the violation of the above-mentioned obligations results in the payment of the existing ordinary fare (for out-of-town lines it is calculated from the terminal of departure, for the journey already covered, to the destination that the user states he/she wishes to reach), in addition to this a rounded-up administrative fine is inflicted (from 40 to 150 times the ordinary fare).

The above-mentioned fines are also inflicted when a user holder of a personal pass is not able to show it to the booking officer. In the case that the user submits the travel document within the following ten days to the offices of the provider of the local public transport service a lower fine is inflicted provided that the document was not regularised after the finding of the violation. 

Payment of the amounts can be made in the hands of the booking officer, upon notification of the violation, to the "minimum" extent (ordinary fare + minimum fine), or within the following five days (ordinary fare + minimum fine + proceedings fees). 

Under art. 16 of Law 689/81, for payments from the 6th to the 60th day after the date of notification of the violation, a reduced fine is inflicted (equal to one third of the maximum fine) + ordinary fare + proceedings fees (they change depending on the deadline within which payment is made).

At the end of the 60-day period from the date of notification of the violation, recovery procedures will start and the inflicted fine will be the maximum (equal to up to 150 times the ordinary fare) increased by such additional charges as established by law.

Provisions of Regional Law 25 of 30/10/98 – CODE NUMBERS OF REASONS FOR PAYMENT:

01 Without a ticket 02 Non-validated ticket 03 Irregular ticket 04 Luggage 05 Expired pass 06 Irregular pass 07 Forgotten seasonal ticket Venezia Unica.

For the no-smoking rule, the provisions established by art.51 of Law no.3 of 16 January 2003, as ratified by art.7 of Law no.584 of 11 November 1975, as replacement of art.52, paragraph 20, of Law no.448 of 28 December 2001 apply.

This is to inform that the personal information that is gathered is only processed for correct reporting of the found violation and for the management of the subsequent phases of verification of the actual payment of the fine. The personal information will not even be filed if payment of the fine is made in the hands of the booking agent at the time of notification; it will only be filed with our offices but not sent to third parties if the payment is made in the short term; the information will be sent to the competent Authority in case of missed payment within the 60-day period.


The payment may be made:
P.Roma Agenzia - Ufficio Sanzioni: mon - sat (not sunday and holidays) 08.30 am - 6.00 pm 
Mestre Via Lazzari 32 (Piazzale Cialdini)  - Ufficio Sanzioni:  mon - sat (not sunday and holidays) 08.30 am - 18.00 pm 
Dolo via Matteotti 15 - Ufficio Sanzioni: mon - sat: 08.30 am - 6.30 pm 
Sottomarina Viale Europa 2/c - Ufficio Sanzioni: from 08.30 to 6.30 pm
Lido Santa Maria Elisabetta: mon - sat (not sunday and holidays): 8.30 - 6.30 pm

  • ONLINE payment of the penalties electronically issued for irregular Actv transport tickets
  • by payment on giro current account using the form given by the booking agent or a blank form indicating as reason for payment the report number and the name of the law-breaking user, to the following beneficiary: Avm S.p.A. - Venezia - Sanzioni Amministrative,  n° CCP 16315301
  • Bank Tansfer to: Avm S.p.A. Tesorera - Banca Intesa San Paolo IBAN: IT22 F030 6902 1130 7400 0081 250  (from abroad BIC: BCITITMM)


Within a 30-day deadline from the date of notification or service of the violation, the people concerned can send defence papers and documents and can ask to be heard by the following authorities:

• Out-of-town lines: CITTA' METROPOLITANA - Ca’ Corner - S. Marco 2662 – 30124 Venezia

• Mestre and Lido Urban lines and Waterborne routes: COMUNE DI VENEZIA Ca’ Farsetti - S. Marco 4136 - 30124 Venezia

• Chioggia Urban lines: COMUNE DI CHIOGGIA Corso del Popolo 1193 – 30015 Chioggia