AVM Venezia official APP

29 December 2015

AVM Venezia official APP, buy tickets with your smartphone

You only need to download the new APP, and have a credit card in order to buy, save and validate bus, tram and tourist waterbus tickets.

 The “AVM Venezia official APP”  enables purchase and validation of local  ACTV public transport tickets, payments for the parking in the Municipality of Venice “Parcheggia Venezia” (blue stripes), consultation of news related to ACTV services and the verification and planning of timetables and routes with the “Calculate route” and “Search timetables at Stops”.

Other features will be included in future versions. The APP is available in two languages (Italian and English) for iOS, Android and Windows Phone ( only until version ) operating systems, and installation is recommended only on smartphones (therefore excluding tablets, even 6 inch ones): to access turnstiles at water transport stops, and get on the waterbuses, it is necessary to have the 2D barcode read.

QR code's generated by the APP when the purchased ticket is activated and visualized on your smartphone screen. Barcode readers with special slots have been installed for this purpose at all turnstiles. You must insert your smartphone. The QR code is visualized, the ticket is validated, the turnstile opens and then you extract your smartphone from the slot.  Please check on “how to use instructions” for compatible smartphone sizes.



  • New section SOSTA to pay parking in the Municipality of Venice “Strisce Blu”
  • New function “Calculate route” (trip planner)
  • New function “Top up credit” (e-Purse)
  • New graphics

You can purchase tickets  by using a credit card, belonging to the Mastercard and VISA circuits, or even  rechargeable ones. You only need to use your password and log in. The system enables you to  register your credit card for further purchases;  or, use it in a “one-shot” function – (only once).



Download the APP from Google Play

Download the APP from Apple Store

Download the App from Microsoft Store



Terms and Conditions for APP use